Below are some testimonials from Attorney Jon Adler’s clients:

Mr. Adler filed the legal documents for me for an LLC within Illinois. He was very expeditious and spent considerable time with me prior to filing to ensure I formed the most appropriate form of corporate entity.
Richard B., Rockford, Ill.

Hesitant to try any lawyer without prior knowledge or experience, I was happy to be referred by a business contact. I found Jon to be thorough, straightforward, responsive, ethical, and friendly. He took the time to meet with me personally when this was not necessarily needed for the work I required. He followed through on details and communicated consistently throughout the process. I would definitely use him again, and recommend him to others.
Priscilla B., Chicago

We needed to get an LLC set up lickety-split, before the year was out. We called Jon on Dec. 29th and he got the job done by the 31st. It was quick, efficient and happened without incident. We will definitely use Jon for any legal services we need; he will be the first we call. Did I mention his rates were so reasonable we couldn’t believe it? This guy is fast, efficient and with affordable rates. Try him – you won’t be sorry!
Kelly Y., Oak Park, Ill.

Honest, diligent and compassionate, Jon makes each client feel like he/she is his only one. He represented me in a small claim against a home improvement worker. Until we went to court, he continually updated and prepared me. After the case was settled, he continued to work on my behalf, sending letters to the worker until all funds were collected. He did this without additional fees. Going the extra mile is part of his character. Hiring Jon was a positive, stress-free experience for me as it will be for you.
Kim A., Boston

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